Assessment Task 3

Review of Mixed Reality Environments

I haven’t had a lot of chance to experience an artificial life but I do admit I recently became a member of “Second Life” and spent several hours there and that’s the experience I want to tell you about. It was a little different from my previous experiences of science fiction films and playing computer games.

Have you ever been to a cinema and seen a really great film? You know the one that completely absorbs you and you forget you are just watching a screen, your emotions run wild, you laugh, you cry, you jump at the scary bits and then suddenly it’s over and the lights come on. You sit there feeling disappointment. Not in the film but in the fact that you need to go home, go to bed, go to work the next day. That’s what it could be like coming out of your artificial life but many more times stronger.

After I became a member of Second Life, my second body was wondering around an artificial beach with other people (there were many people was around me with nick name tags on their heads).

I’d like to know what I can do which is something I can’t do in my normal life. This should be something closer to perfect. So I tried to create my second body look. It has many controlling options and it took me over an hour. Guess what? When I put all of the beautiful parts put together it looks like a monster! I will have to spend more time to make it look better but then I looked other people’s creations they all look like monsters too so I decided not to bother.

I expect it would be an amazing experience to have my own world in which I would be the main actor. I could try being younger, stronger, and even better looking and if I don’t like it I can change back again but! I could be a rich and famous artist where everyone wants my work! I could create my own world and it would be however I like it to be. That could really be fun! This would be a very attractive challenge for anybody.

However, I found it has a little problem here… Because I can create an artificial world all about me (could be, it takes a few months to create), I may be really nice and happy hidden away from all the pressures and problems of real life. The danger is that I might become confused between my real life and my artificial life. I’m also worry. it might give me more pressures and issues which I did not know yet.

I could end up spending so much time and energy in my artificial life that I might not want to come back to real life, and if I did I might be confused and disappointed with my real life. My artificial life could become like a drug – addictive. And when I do return to real life, and I would have to because we all have to do physical things like eat and drink, the contrast could be so great that I might become very depressed.

So I’m surprised by how many people are interested in Second life. The game has a lot of potential to develop, especially if many people get involved. I just hope it could be really good for now and future generations. But at the moment I found the second life web site…. I’m not sure it will help my life better. Maybe I’m wrong and I should really try to find it out more…. See WHAT HAPPEN?